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Agnimonhan F., Bendeif E.-E., Akanni L., Gbaguidi A., Martin E., Wenger E., Lecomte C.
Crystal structure of a new phenyl(morpholino)methanethione derivative: 4-[(morpholin-4-yl)carbothioyl]benzoic acid
Acta Crystallographica Section E Crystallographic Communications 76 (2020) 581-584 DOI link

Ahoulou S., Vilà N., Pillet S., Schaniel D., Walcarius A.
Non-covalent Immobilization of Iron-triazole (Fe(Htrz)3) Molecular Mediator in Mesoporous Silica Films for the Electrochemical Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide
Electroanalysis 32 (2020) 690-697 DOI link

Azani N., Haafiz M., Zahari A., Poinsignon S., Brosse N., Hussin M.
Preparation and characterizations of oil palm fronds cellulose nanocrystal (OPF-CNC) as reinforcing filler in epoxy-Zn rich coating for mild steel corrosion protection
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 153 (2020) 385-398 DOI link

Belahlou H., Waszkowska K., Bouraiou A., Bendeif E., Taboukhat S., Bouchouit K., Sahraoui B.
New architecture of organo electronic chalcones derivatives: Synthesis, crystal structures and optical properties
Optical Materials 108 (2020) 110188 DOI link

Benali-Cherif, R., Takouachet, R., Falek, W., Benali-Cherif, N., Jelsch, C., Merazig, H., Hafied, M., Bendeif, E.-E., Bouslah Mokhnachi, N. & Taibi, K.
Synthesis, structural elucidation, spectroscopic, Hirshfeld surface analysis and theoretical simulation of a new adeninium orthoperiodate (1−) bis (hydrate) organic-inorganic hybrid crystals.
Journal of Molecular Structure 1224 (2020) 129034 DOI link

Berro Y., Gueddida S., Bouizi Y., Bellouard C., Bendeif E.-E., Gansmuller A., Celzard A., Fierro V., Ihiawakrim D., Ersen O., Kassir M., El Haj Hassan F., Lebegue S., Badawi M., Canilho N., Pasc A.
Imprinting isolated single iron atoms onto mesoporous silica by templating with metallosurfactants
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (2020) DOI link

Boubakri R., Jelsch C., Lefebvre F., Kaminsky W., Nasr C., Kaabi K.
Crystal structure, Hirshfeld surface analysis and physicochemical studies of two new Cu(II) complexes with the ligand 2-amino-6-methylpyrimidin-4-(1H)-one
Inorganica Chimica Acta 502 (2020) 119289 DOI link

Boubakri R., Jelsch C., Lucas C., Lefebvre F., Kaminsky W., Ben Nasr C., Kaabi K.
A new 1D Zn(II) coordination polymer containing 2-amino-4,6-dimethoxypyrimidine ligand: crystal structure, Hirshfeld surface analysis, and physicochemical studies
Journal of Molecular Structure 1216 (2020) 128309 DOI link

Chagot M.-E., Quinternet M., Jacquemin C., Manival X., Gardiennet C.
Box C/D snoRNPs: solid-state NMR fingerprint of an early-stage 50 kDa assembly intermediate
Biomolecular NMR Assignments 14 (2020) 131-140 DOI link

Cuza E., Benmansour S., Cosquer N., Conan F., Pillet S., Gómez-García C., Triki S.
Spin Cross-Over (SCO) Anionic Fe(II) Complexes Based on the Tripodal Ligand Tris(2-pyridyl)ethoxymethane
Magnetochemistry 6 (2020) 26 DOI link

Doggaz A., Coustel R., Durand P., Humbert F., Ruby C.
Birnessite: A New Oxidant for Green Rust Formation
Materials 13 (sous presse) DOI link

Elleuch S., Lusson A., Pillet S., Boukheddaden K., Abid Y.
White Light Emission from a Zero-Dimensional Lead Chloride Hybrid Material
ACS Photonics 7 (2020) 1178-1187 DOI link

Fourmigue M., Dhaka A., Jeannin O., Jeon I.-R., Aubert E., Espinosa E.
Activating chalcogen bonding (ChB) in alkylseleno/ alkyltelluroacetylenes toward ChB directionality control
Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2020) DOI link

Giraud T., Bouguet-Bonnet S., Marchal P., Pickaert G., Averlant-Petit M.-C., Stefan L.
Improving and fine-tuning the properties of peptide-based hydrogelsviaincorporation of peptide nucleic acids
Nanoscale 12 (2020) 19905-19917 DOI link

Unprecedented Reverse Volume Expansion in Spin-Transition Crystals
Chemistry – A European Journal (2020) DOI link

Jelsch, C., Devi, R. N., Noll, B. C., Guillot, B., Samuel, I., & Aubert, E.
Aceclofenac and interactions analysis in the crystal and COX protein active site.
Journal of Molecular Structure (2020) DOI link

Jeon I.-R., Beau M., Lee S., Kim S., Han W.-S., Jeannin O., Fourmigué M., Aubert E., Espinosa E.
Strong σ-hole activation on icosahedral carborane derivatives for a directional halide recognition
Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2020) DOI link

Kaabi K., Klai K., Wenger E., Jelsch C., Lefebvre F., Nasr C.
Synthesis, structural elucidation, characterization and theoretical DFT study of 1-(o-tolyl)biguanidium chloride
Acta Crystallographica Section C Structural Chemistry 76 (2020) 572-578 DOI link

Khedhiri L., Gannouni A., Kahlaoui M., Jelsch C., Ferretti V., Lefebvre F., Ben Nasr C.
Structural, NMR, IR, Hirshfeld surface, electrochemical and in vitro biochemical investigations of a new organic cyclohexaphosphate, (C6H6ClFN)4 (Li)2(P6O18)(H2O)4
Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society (2020) DOI link

Khoder H., Schaniel D., Pillet S., and Bendeif E.-E.
X-ray scattering study of water confined in bioactive glasses: experimental and simulated pair distribution function
Acta Crystallographica, Section A: Foundations of Crystallography A76 (2020) DOI link

Klai, K., Jelsch, C., Lefebvre, F., Ferretti, V., Nasr, C. B., & Kaabi, K.
Hirshfeld surface analysis, crystal structure and physicochemical studies of a new Zn (II) complex with the 2, 6-dimethylpyrimidin-4-(1H)-one ligand.
Solid State Sciences (2020) 106119 DOI link

Evidence for a soft phonon mode driven Peierls-type distortion in Sc3 Co C4
Physical Review B: Condensed Matter 102 (2020) DOI link

Mamane V., Peluso P., Aubert E., Weiss R., Wenger E., Cossu S., Pale P.
Disubstituted Ferrocenyl Iodo- and Chalcogenoalkynes as Chiral Halogen and Chalcogen Bond Donors
Organometallics (2020) DOI link

Maza S., Kijatkin C., Bouhidel Z., Pillet S., Schaniel D., Imlau M., Guillot B., Cherouana A., Bendeif E.-E.
Synthesis, structural investigation and NLO properties of three 1,2,4-triazole Schiff bases
Journal of Molecular Structure (2020) 128492 DOI link

Mbiangué Y., Bijvédé A., Kenfack Tsobnang P., Wenger E., Lecomte C.
Crystal structure of diammonium bis[tris(oxamide dioxime-κ²,N′)nickel(II)] bis[tris(oxalato-κ²O,O′)chromate(III)] 6.76-hydrate
Acta Crystallographica Section E Crystallographic Communications 76 (2020) 1732-1736 DOI link

Mbiangué Y., Ndinga M., Nduga J., Wenger E., Lecomte C.
Hexaanickel(II) bis[triaqua-μ3-oxalato-di-μ-oxalato-bariumchromate(III)] tetrahydrate
Acta Crystallographica Section E Crystallographic Communications 76 (2020) 1316-1319 DOI link

Meenashi R., Selvaraju K., Stephen A., Jelsch C.
Theoretical crystal structure prediction of aminosalicylic acid: Charge density topological and electrostatic analyses
Journal of Molecular Structure 1213 (2020) 128139 DOI link

Mikhailov A., Komarov V., Sukhikh A., Pishchur D., Schaniel D., Kostin G.
The impact of counterion on the metastable state properties of nitrosyl ruthenium complexes
New Journal of Chemistry 44 (2020) 18014-18024 DOI link

Milbeo P., Simon M., Didierjean C., Wenger E., Aubert E., Martinez J., Amblard M., Calmès M., Legrand B.
A bicyclic unit reversal to stabilize the 12/14-helix in mixed homochiral oligoureas
Chemical Communications 56 (2020) 7921-7924 DOI link

Ndong P., Signé M., Kenfack P., Mbiangué Y., Bebga G., Wenger E.
A Novel Chromium(III) Hybrid Salt, Triethylammonium Trans-Diaquabis(Oxalato-κ2O1,O2) Chromate(III), (C6H16N)[Cr(C2O4)2(H2O) 2]: Synthesis, Spectroscopic Studies, Thermal Behavior and Crystal Structure
Open Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 10 (2020) 39-51 DOI link

Ndong P., Signé M., Kenfack P., Mbiangué Y., Bebga G., Wenger E.
Synthesis, Characterization and Thermal Analysis of an Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Salt Involving Trans-Diaquabis(oxalato-κ2O1,O2)chromate(III) Complex Anion with Piperidinium as Counter Cation
Crystal Structure Theory and Applications 09 (2020) 36-47 DOI link

Nespolo M., Smaha R.W., Parkin S.
Zero-obliquity TLQS three-fold twinning in 1-{(R)-1-[(3-Oxo-2-isoindolinoyl)methyl]-2-propenyl}-5-methyl-2,3-indolinedione
Acta Crystallographica, Section B: Structural Science 76 (2020) 643-649 PDFElectronic reprint DOI link

Nespolo M., Souvignier B., Stoeger B.
Groupoid description of modular structures
Acta Crystallographica, Section A: Foundations of Crystallography 76 (2020) 334-344 PDFElectronic reprint DOI link

Nespolo M., Tokuda M., Yoshiasa A.
The tricks of the chameleon.
Crystal Research and Technology 55 (2020) 1900063 DOI link

Pal R., Jelsch C., Malaspina L., Edwards A., Murshed M., Grabowsky S.
syn and anti polymorphs of 2,6-dimethoxy benzoic acid and its molecular and ionic cocrystals: Structural analysis and energetic perspective
Journal of Molecular Structure 1221 (2020) 128721 DOI link

Qi X., Pillet S., Graaf C., Magott M., Bendeif E., Guionneau P., Rouzières M., Marvaud V., Stefańczyk O., Pinkowicz D., Mathonière C.
Photoinduced Mo-CN Bond Breakage in Octacyanomolybdate Leading to Spin Triplet Trapping
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 59 (2020) 3117-3121 DOI link

Rjiba A., Jelassi J., Letaief N., Lucas-Girot A., Pillet S., Schaniel D., Bendeif E.-E., Dorbez-Sridi R.
Structural and comparative study of water confined in a mesoporous bioglass by X-ray total scattering
Physics and Chemistry of Liquids (2020) 1-11 DOI link

Samet A., Pillet S., Abid Y.
Sensitizer-free photon up conversion in (HQ)2ZnCl4and HQCl crystals: systems involving resonant energy transfer and triplet–triplet annihilation
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (2020) 1575-1582 DOI link

Saouli S., Selatnia I., Zouchoune B., Sid A., Zendaoui S., Bensouici C., Bendeif E.-E.
Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization, crystal structure, DFT studies and biological activities of new hydrazone derivative: 1-(2,5-bis((E)-4-isopropylbenzylidene)cyclopentylidene)-2-(2,4-dinitrophenyl) hydrazine
Journal of Molecular Structure 1213 (2020) 128203 DOI link

Schwartz H., Schaniel D., Ruschewitz U.
Tracking the light-induced isomerization processes and the photostability of spiropyrans embedded in the pores of crystalline nanoporous MOFsviaIR spectroscopy
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 19 (2020) 1433-1441 DOI link

Schwartz H., Werker M., Tobeck C., Christoffels R., Schaniel D., Olthof S., Meerholz K., Kopacka H., Huppertz H., Ruschewitz U.
Novel Photoactive Spirooxazine Based Switch@MOF Composite Materials
ChemPhotoChem 4 (2020) 195-206 DOI link

Soudani, S., Hajji, M., Mi, J. X., Jelsch, C., Lefebvre, F., Guerfel, T., & Nasr, C. B.
(2020). Synthesis, structure and theoretical simulation of a zinc (II) coordination complex with 2, 3-pyridinedicarboxylate.
Journal of Molecular Structure 1199 (2020) 127015 DOI link

Tailleur E., Martin C., Damay F., Fauth F., Maignan A.
Lack of linear magnetoelectric effect in ferrimagnetic distorted honeycomb Ni4Nb2O9
Journal of Applied Physics 127 (2020) 063902 DOI link

Umayahara A., Nespolo M.
The Japanese pioneering contribution to investigation of modular structures
Crystal Research and Technology 55 (2020) 1900045 DOI link

Critique ou vulgarisation 2020 (7 results)

Lecomte C.
The Whats of a Scientific Life. By John R. Helliwell. CRC Press, 2019. Pp 120. Price GBP 50.00 (hardback). ISBN 9780367233020.
Journal of Applied Crystallography 53 (2020) 594-595 DOI link

Lecomte C.
La cristallographie : une science pluridisciplinaire (TDC : Textes et Documents pour la Classe ; programme sciences classes de 2de et 1ère, explorer la matière, Editions Canopee)
1126 (2020)

Nespolo M.
Not so elementary, my dear Wyckoff
IUCr newsletter 28(1) (2020) 14-14

Nespolo M.
The Everlasting Challenges of Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography
Crystal Research and Technology 55 (2020) 2000057 DOI link

Nespolo M.
Molecular Symmetry and Group Theory. Approaches in Spectroscopy and Chemical Reactions. By R.C. Maurya and J.M. Mir
Journal of Applied Crystallography 53 (2020) 310-311 PDFElectronic reprint DOI link

Nespolo M.
Sets, Groups, and Mappings. An Introduction to Abstract Mathematics. By Andrew D. Hwang
Acta Crystallographica, Section A: Foundations of Crystallography 76 (2020) 549-551 PDFElectronic reprint DOI link

Nespolo M.
"Crystal Structures. Patterns and Symmetry". By Michael O'Keeffe and Bruce G. Hyde
Acta Crystallographica, Section B: Structural Science 76 (sous presse) PDFElectronic reprint DOI link

Revue ou chapitre d'ouvrage 2020 (3 results)

Bindi L., Nespolo M., Krivovichev S., Chapuis G., Biagioni C.
Producing highly complicated materials. Nature does it better.
Reports on Progress in Physics (sous presse) DOI link

Nespolo M.
From Bond Strength to Charge Distribution: modern developments of the empirical analysis of crystal structures.
Physical Sciences Reviews (sous presse)

Nespolo M.
Pyroxenes. In Encyclopedia of Geology, Second edition, edited by Scott Elias and David Alderton. Elsevier.
(sous presse)