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Aubert E., Abboud M., Doudouh A., Durand P., Peluso P., Ligresti A., Vigolo B., Cossu S., Pale P., Mamane V.
Silver(i) coordination polymers with 3,3?,5,5?-tetrasubstituted 4,4?-bipyridine ligands: towards new porous chiral materials
RSC Adv. 7 (2017) 7358-7367 DOI link

Azevedo S., Nespolo M.
Twinning in olivine group revisited
European Journal of Mineralogy (sous presse) DOI link

El Glaoui M., El Glaoui M., Jelsch C., Aubert E., Lefebvre F., Ben Nasr C.
A Hirshfeld surface analysis, crystal structure and spectroscopic properties of new Zn(II) complex with N-aminoethylpiperazine ligand
Journal of Molecular Structure (2017) DOI link

Kacem Klai, Kaabi K, Kaminsky W, Jelsch C, Lefebvre F, Ben Nasr C
A Hirshfeld surface analysis, crystal structure and physicochemical studies of a new Cd(II) complex with the 2-amino-4-methylpyrimidine ligand.
Journal of Molecular Structure 1128 (2017) 378-384 DOI link

Kim S., Fahel J., Durand P., Andre E., CARTERET C.
Ternary layered double hydroxides (LDH) based on ZnAl substituted with Co, Cu for efficient photocatalysts design
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (sous presse) DOI link

Nespolo M.
A practical approach to symmorphism.
Crystal Research and Technology 52 (2017) 1600129(1)-1600129(10) DOI link

Nespolo M., Bouznari K.
Modularity of crystal structures: a unifying model for the biopyribole-palysepiole series.
European Journal of Mineralogy (sous presse)

Niranjana Devi, R., Jelsch, C., Israel, S., Aubert, E., Anzline, C., & Hosamani, A. A.
Charge density analysis of metformin chloride, a biguanide anti-hyperglycemic agent
Acta Crystallographica, Section B: Structural Science 73 (2017) 1-13 DOI link

W. Nbili, K. Kaabi, W. Ferenc, B. Cristovao, F. Lefebvre, Christian Jelsch, Cherif Ben Nasr
A Hirshfeld surface analysis, supramolecular structure and magnetic properties of a new Cu(II) complex with the 4-amino-6- methoxypyrimidine ligand
Journal of Molecular Structure 1130 (2017) 114-121 PDFElectronic reprint DOI link

Yangui A., Pillet S., Lusson A., Bendeif E.-E., Triki S., Abid Y., Boukheddaden K.
Control of the white-light emission in the mixed two-dimensional hybrid perovskites (C6H11NH3)2[PbBr4-xIx]
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 699 (2017) 1122-1133 DOI link

Critique ou vulgarisation 2017 (4 results)

Nespolo M.
Basic elements of crystallography. 2nd edition. By Nevill Gonzalez Szwacki and Teresa Szwacka
Acta Crystallographica, Section A: Foundations of Crystallography A73 (2017) 81-82 PDFElectronic reprint DOI link

Nespolo M.
Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine. Fifth Edition. By Barry Halliwell and John M. C. Gutteridge
Acta Crystallographica, Section D: Biological Crystallography (sous presse)

Nespolo M.
Hierarchy and classification of space groups
Journal of the Crystallographic Society of Japan (sous presse)

Nespolo M.
Metallomics. A Primer of Integrated Biometal Sciences. By Wolfgang Maret.
Acta Crystallographica, Section D: Biological Crystallography (sous presse)