Forschung: 2018 (9 results)

Boris Le Guennic, Guillaume Chastanet, Sébastien Pillet, and Rodolphe Clérac
Molecular Magnetism - The Attractive Legacy of Olivier Kahn
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 3-4 (2018) 212-214 DOI link

Bridonneau N., Quatremare P., Jurgen von Bardeleben H., Cantin J-L., Pillet S., Bendeif E.-E and Marvaud V
Direct Evidence of a Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Diluted "Molybdenum-Copper" Molecular Compounds
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 3-4 (2018) 370-377 DOI link

Lec J.-C., Boutserin S., Mazon H., Mulliert G., Boschi-Muller S., Talfournier F.
Unraveling the Mechanism of Cysteine Persulfide Formation Catalyzed by 3-Mercaptopyruvate Sulfurtransferases
ACS Catalysis (2018) 2049-2059 DOI link

Mguenar Ndiaye M., Pillet S., Bendeif E.-E., Marchivie M., Chastanet G., Boukheddaden K and Triki S
Hidden Hysteretic Behavior of a Paramagnetic Iron(II) Network Revealed by Light Irradiation
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 3-4 (2018) 305-313 DOI link

Mierzwa M., Lamouroux E., Durand P., Etienne M.
Highly Interconnected Macroporous and Transparent Indium Tin Oxide Electrode
ChemElectroChem 5 (2018) 397-404 DOI link

Nespolo M.
Twinning in chalcostibite revisited
European Journal of Mineralogy (in press)

Nespolo M., Umayahara A., Eon J.-G.
A groupoid and graph-theoretical analysis of the biopyribole-palysepiole series
European Journal of Mineralogy (in press)

Pierre Milbeo, Laure Moulat, Claude Didierjean, Emmanuel Aubert, Jean Martinez, and Monique Calmès
C1-Symmetric 1,2-Diaminobicyclo[2.2.2]octane Ligands in Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Henry Reaction: Catalyst Development and DFT Studies
European Journal of Organic Chemistry (2018) 178-187 DOI link

Umayahara A., Nespolo M.
Derivative structures based on the sphere packing
Zeitschrift fuer Kristallographie (in press) DOI link

Rezension oder Vulgarisierung 2018 (4 results)

Nespolo M.
Comment on "An experimental study of symmetry lowering of analcime"
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals (in press) DOI link

Nespolo M.
Geometry of Crystals, Polycrystals, and Phase Transformations. By Harshad K.D.H. Bhadeshia
Acta Crystallographica, Section A: Foundations of Crystallography (in press)

Nespolo M.
Mineralogical Crystallography. EMU Notes in Mineralogy Vol. 19.
European Journal of Mineralogy (in press)

Nespolo M.
Structure relations and construction of structural models
Journal of the Crystallographic Society of Japan (in press)

Lehrbücher 2018 (1 results)

Ed. by Woike, T., Schaniel D.
Structures on Different Time Scales
De Gruyter (in press) ISBN: 978-3-11-043392-0