Forschung: 2020 (11 results)

Agnimonhan F., Bendeif E.-E., Akanni L., Gbaguidi A., Martin E., Wenger E., Lecomte C.
Crystal structure of a new phenyl(morpholino)methanethione derivative: 4-[(morpholin-4-yl)carbothioyl]benzoic acid
Acta Crystallographica Section E Crystallographic Communications 76 (2020) 581-584 DOI link

Azani N., Haafiz M., Zahari A., Poinsignon S., Brosse N., Hussin M.
Preparation and characterizations of oil palm fronds cellulose nanocrystal (OPF-CNC) as reinforcing filler in epoxy-Zn rich coating for mild steel corrosion protection
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 153 (2020) 385-398 DOI link

Berro Y., Gueddida S., Bouizi Y., Bellouard C., Bendeif E.-E., Gansmuller A., Celzard A., Fierro V., Ihiawakrim D., Ersen O., Kassir M., El Haj Hassan F., Lebegue S., Badawi M., Canilho N., Pasc A.
Imprinting isolated single iron atoms onto mesoporous silica by templating with metallosurfactants
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (2020) DOI link

Jelsch, C., Devi, R. N., Noll, B. C., Guillot, B., Samuel, I., & Aubert, E.
Aceclofenac and interactions analysis in the crystal and COX protein active site. / / / 50 days free access :
Journal of Molecular Structure (2020) DOI link

Klai, K., Jelsch, C., Lefebvre, F., Ferretti, V., Nasr, C. B., & Kaabi, K.
Hirshfeld surface analysis, crystal structure and physicochemical studies of a new Zn (II) complex with the 2, 6-dimethylpyrimidin-4-(1H)-one ligand.
Solid State Sciences (2020) 106119 DOI link

Lecomte C.
The Whats of a Scientific Life. By John R. Helliwell. CRC Press, 2019. Pp. 120. Price GBP 50.00 (hardback). ISBN 9780367233020.
Journal of Applied Crystallography 53 (2020) 594-595 DOI link

Nespolo M.
Not so elementary, my dear Wyckoff
IUCr newsletter (in press)

Nespolo M., Souvignier B., Stoeger B.
Groupoid description of modular structures
Acta Crystallographica, Section A: Foundations of Crystallography (in press) DOI link

Qi X., Pillet S., Graaf C., Magott M., Bendeif E., Guionneau P., Rouzières M., Marvaud V., Stefańczyk O., Pinkowicz D., Mathonière C.
Photoinduced Mo?CN Bond Breakage in Octacyanomolybdate Leading to Spin Triplet Trapping
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 59 (2020) 3117-3121 DOI link

Schwartz H., Werker M., Tobeck C., Christoffels R., Schaniel D., Olthof S., Meerholz K., Kopacka H., Huppertz H., Ruschewitz U.
Novel Photoactive Spirooxazine Based Switch@MOF Composite Materials
ChemPhotoChem 4 (2020) 195-206 DOI link

Soudani, S., Hajji, M., Mi, J. X., Jelsch, C., Lefebvre, F., Guerfel, T., & Nasr, C. B.
(2020). Synthesis, structure and theoretical simulation of a zinc (II) coordination complex with 2, 3-pyridinedicarboxylate.
Journal of Molecular Structure 1199 (2020) 127015 DOI link

Rezension oder Vulgarisierung 2020 (2 results)

Nespolo M.
Molecular Symmetry and Group Theory. Approaches in Spectroscopy and Chemical Reactions. By R.C. Maurya and J.M. Mir
Journal of Applied Crystallography 53 (2020) 310-311 PDFElectronic reprint DOI link

Nespolo M.
Sets, Groups, and Mappings. An Introduction to Abstract Mathematics. By Andrew D. Hwang
Acta Crystallographica, Section A: Foundations of Crystallography (in press)

Revue ou chapitre d'ouvrage 2020 (2 results)

Nespolo M.
From Bond Strength to Charge Distribution: modern developments of the empirical analysis of crystal structures. In Blatov, V. A.; Leisegang, T. (Ed.) Single Crystals. Complexity, Structures, Properties. De Gruyter
(in press)

Nespolo M.
Pyroxenes. In Encyclopedia of Geology, Second edition, edited by Scott Elias and David Alderton. Elsevier.
(in press)